Getting Started

Let's get started building a custom branded fitness app on iPhone and Android.

Concepts in TempoKit

To get your app created, you'll need to design, configure and add content your app. Finally, you'll publish your app.

Designing your App

Select a theme and a primary color. The theme will use the primary color in the app. Most of the time, the primary color is used for the button colors.

Configuring your App

There's just a few information we need for your app. Add your app title in App Info section.Then if you have any custom links like your social media links, add it to the Settings section.

Creating Content


Exercises are basic actions that you will use as the building blocks for your workouts.

See more tips in the Exercise Help section.

Exercise Videos

Your exercise videos should be under 10 seconds, only enough to demonstrate the motion. And you should try different videos in the app to see what works best.


After you add a few exercises, you can create a workout. You will add exercises to your workout in the Content tab of the workout page. Set how many reps, sets, rest time and duration of each exercise.

See more tips in the Workouts Help section.

Training Plans

A Training Plan is a ordered set of workouts or a collection of related workouts.

You can add the same workout to different Training Plans. For example, if you have a "20 Floor Ab Workout", you can add this to a "Ab Collection" training plan AND a "6 Week General Strength & Conditioning" training plan.

See more tips in the Training Plans section


You can create meal recipes. A meal recipe consists of ingredients and instruction steps.

Publishing your App

With some content created, you can publish the app to your Apple App Store account or your Google Play Store account. We included videos how to connect Tempokit to your accounts. We also have a more detailed guides for both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you haven't setup an Apple App Store account or Google Play Store account, we can send you a preview app using our account so you can evaluate if you like to continue to go forward with creating your app.

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