Common Questions

Why choose TempoKit?

Are you a trainer, gym, creator, fitness influencer? TempoKit is a great way to expand your brand while making a real earning. A typical mobile app for BOTH iOS and Android costs about $60,000 USD. TempoKit is a no-code tool to create fitness apps. You do not need to write any code at all!

You just use TempoKit to add your workouts and training programs. We will help you through the publishing process to Apple and Google App Stores.

What type of app can I build?

TempoKit apps is built from ground up for fitness workout apps.

We feature:

  • User registration system

  • Workouts

  • Training Plans

  • Workout Player

  • Client Workout Logging including their notes, progress photo and reps/sets/weights

  • Workout messaging feedback with clients

  • Fitness Advice Posts

  • Community Replies

  • Subscriptions

  • Light or Dark Themes

Who uses TempoKit?

TempoKit has been used by trainers, gyms and fitness influencers. Some trainers use it to deliver customized workouts just for their clients while some use it to sell training programs for anyone.

How long does it take to build an app with TempoKit?

It depends how many workouts and training programs you are planning to add. We include an example workout and training plan so you see a custom branded app built and delivered within a few days!

What if I want a feature in the app that's on TempoKit?

Contact us and we can discuss custom development.

What if I stop using TempoKit?

You still own the content. You are free to delete your content if you choose to stop using TempoKit.

How do I publish my app to the App Stores?

We have detailed step by step guides for publishing to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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